Giancarlo Del Bufalo, FATF President 2011-2012

Giancarlo Del Bufalo - photo

Giancarlo del Bufalo (Italy)
FATF President 2011-2012

Mr. Giancarlo Del Bufalo of Italy was President of the FATF from July 2011 to June 2012.   

Before assuming the position of Vice-President of FATF in September 2010, and the position of President of the FATF in July 2011, Giancarlo Del Bufalo was appointed by the Italian Minister of the Economy and Finance as President of the Service for Internal Control (SECIN) at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF). He was previously Head of Department for General Affairs at MEF, also acting as Secretary General of the Euro Committee, established to coordinate the activities required for the introduction of the single currency in Italy.

Over his extensive career in the Italian Public Administration, he acquired thorough international experience performing as Director General for International Financial Affairs within the Treasury and Economic Affairs Expert at Italy’s Permanent Representation to the OECD in Paris. He was also national Representative within several bodies at both national and international level (EIB, Economic Policy Committee and Banking Consultation Committee, SACE, SIMEST) as well as within Italian State-owned companies (ENI, CIS, Mediocredito Centrale).

Mr. Bjørn Skogstad Aamo assumed the position of President of FATF in July 2012. 

Selected speeches by Giancarlo Del Bufalo